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Funny Cat Press

TnTstudios716 LLC


Funny Cat Press is a new publishing company with one mission in mind to help the independent author not get treated like a second class citizen.


Too often independent authors are treated like they are less than those who pay a large publishing company  to publish them. Which is ridiculous because the only things separating everyone is the ISBNs. Print on Demand companies offer free ISBNs which is great but most stores look for a publishing company not a big name POD or you can buy one from them and have some control but in the end you're still dealing with a mega company having their hand in the cookie jar.

Here's the hard truth the odds of you being carried in a big box store without selling 10,000 books is the same as literally anyone, next to nil. If you are lucky, have connections or bust your butt you might be able to get into some local stores but the general rule of 10,000 books confirmed sales to make it to the shelves applies to everyone and anyone. If you have 10,000 plus presales or overall sales they want your book no matter who you are but until then and even after we're all in the same boat just with different names and prices. The publishing world is completely different now and there is no need to sit on boxes and boxes of books anymore. Let me help guide you into the new world of publishing where everyone is welcome.


Here you are dealing with one person the whole time from start to finish. I will help you as little or as much as you want through the process. I want to help other authors through the process of self publishing by giving you one great advantage. That advantage is Funny Cat Press ! Where we give you control of your metadata at a price you can afford. Hi I'm Terra and I'm here to help you bring your dreams to life.


I am available to help with development of books we will work out a rate depending on how much or how little help you need. We have illustrators, Translators, Writers, Editors, Graphic Artists, Ghost Writers, Photographers, Experts and so much more all in house. All independent and amazing Artists and Writers in their own right with many of them publishing their own books right here at Funny Cat Press.

*Please note we do not support or publish hate speech. There are plenty of companies that will happily publish your works please use one of them.  If you try and publish hate speech we will remove the listing and you will not be refunded as once a ISBN is used it can't be reused.*

If you have any questions or need a quote

please email me directly at

Call or text


(Please note if you call we will have to communicate via email for some parts as it is much easier to send large amount of information or notes on projects via email)

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